Modern medium shag haircut hairstyle ideas 18 Fashion Best
Modern medium shag haircut hairstyle ideas 18 Fashion Best from

Are you looking to try a new hairstyle, but don’t want to commit to a drastic change? Have you considered a medium shag haircut? It’s a great way to give your hair a fresh new look without having to completely transform it. Medium shag haircuts are the perfect balance between a short and long hairstyle.

A medium shag haircut is a great option for those who want something a little different. It’s a fun and fashionable way to add some style and personality to your look. The medium shag cut is perfect for people with medium length hair, as it can be tailored to suit any face shape. It also works for people with thick, curly, or wavy hair.

How to Get the Perfect Medium Shag Haircut

To get the perfect medium shag haircut, the first step is to choose a style that suits your face shape. If you have an oval face shape, you can opt for a classic medium shag cut, with layers that frame your face. If you have a square face shape, a medium shag with bangs is a great option. Those with a round face should opt for a medium shag with some movement.

Next, talk to your stylist about the length of your hair. The length of the shag cut should be determined by the length of your hair. If you have fine or thin hair, then a shorter shag cut would be best. If you have thicker hair, then a longer shag cut would work better.

Tips for Maintaining a Medium Shag Haircut

Once you’ve got the perfect medium shag haircut, you’ll need to take some steps to maintain it. Firstly, shampoo and condition your hair regularly to keep it looking fresh and healthy. You should also use a deep conditioner once a week to keep your hair hydrated and nourished.

You should also invest in some good styling products, such as mousse and hairspray, to help keep your style in place. A good heat protectant is also essential for keeping your hair healthy, as heat styling can damage your hair. When blow drying, use a diffuser to help minimize frizz and add some volume.

How to Style a Medium Shag Haircut

Once you’ve got your medium shag haircut, you can start having fun with styling it. The best way to style a medium shag cut is to use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to create texture and movement in your hair. You can also use a curling iron or hot rollers to define your curls or waves.

If you have a longer shag cut, you can try out some fun updos and braids. A French braid or a low bun are great options for a medium shag cut. You can also try out some half-up, half-down styles, or a messy bun. For a more relaxed look, you can tousle your hair with your fingers and add a bit of texturizing spray for some extra body and volume.


If you’re looking for a new hairstyle that’s both stylish and low maintenance, then a medium shag haircut is the perfect choice. It’s a great way to add some personality to your look without having to commit to a radical change. With the right maintenance and styling tips, you can keep your medium shag looking fresh and fabulous.