125 Best Haircuts For Men in 2021 (Ultimate Guide)
125 Best Haircuts For Men in 2021 (Ultimate Guide) from www.menshairstylestoday.com

What is ‘Long on Top Short on Sides’ Haircut?

The ‘long on top short on sides’ haircut is a popular look for men that is stylish, modern and easy to maintain. The look typically consists of a medium to long length on the top of the head and short to shaved sides. It’s a classic look that is often seen on celebrities, athletes and influencers. The look is often referred to as an undercut, but is different from the classic undercut in that the hair on the sides is not slicked back or combed over the top.

Achieve the Look

To get the ‘long on top short on sides’ look, you’ll need to head to the barbershop. This style is best achieved with a barber’s clippers, so it’s important to find a skilled barber who knows exactly how to achieve the look. It’s also important to bring along a photo of the look you’re hoping to achieve, so the barber can understand exactly what you’re looking for. It’s also important to keep in mind that the style is usually better suited to those with thicker hair.

Low Maintenance

One of the best things about the long on top short on sides style is that it’s relatively low maintenance. The short sides are easy to keep tidy with just a few swipes of a razor or trimmer. The top of the head can be styled with a comb and some hair gel or wax to give it a bit of lift and texture. Depending on the length of the top, you may need to have it trimmed every few weeks to maintain the look.

Styling Tips

Styling this look is fairly easy and only requires a few simple steps. Start by combing the hair on the top of the head forward, then use a bit of hair gel or wax to give it some texture and lift. Then use a razor or trimmer to buzz or shave the sides to the desired length. Finally, use a comb to blend the two sections together. You may also want to use a bit of hairspray or pomade to keep the style in place.


The ‘long on top short on sides’ look is also incredibly versatile. Depending on the length of the top of the head and the sides, the look can be adapted to suit different occasions and styles. For a more formal event, the top can be slicked back and the sides kept neat and tidy. For a more casual look, the top can be styled with some texture and the sides can be kept longer.

Celebrities Sporting the Look

The ‘long on top short on sides’ look has been popularized by celebrities such as David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds. It’s a classic look that’s been around for a while, but has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. It’s a great look for men of all ages, and is a great way to stay stylish and on trend.

Tips for Maintaining the Look

Once you’ve achieved the long on top short on sides look, it’s important to maintain it. To keep the style looking its best, you’ll need to have the top trimmed every few weeks and the sides shaved or buzzed when needed. You’ll also need to use a bit of hair product to keep the top styled and in place. Finally, it’s important to keep your scalp and hair clean to keep the look healthy and vibrant.


The ‘long on top short on sides’ look is a classic, stylish and modern look that is perfect for men of all ages. It’s easy to achieve and maintain, and is incredibly versatile. With a few styling tips, you can easily achieve the look at home or in the barbershop. With its popularity amongst celebrities, it’s a look that is sure to stay on trend for years to come.