King Von Reportedly Shot and Killed After Shoot Out With Quando Rondo's
King Von Reportedly Shot and Killed After Shoot Out With Quando Rondo's from

A Brief Introduction to King Von

King Von was an American rapper and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. He was best known for his breakout single, “Crazy Story”, which became a viral hit in 2020. He was also a founding member of the hip-hop collective “Only the Family”. Von was tragically killed in a shooting in November 2020, but his legacy continues to live on in his music and style. In particular, his hairstyle has become a major trend in the rap scene in 2023.

What is King Von’s Hairstyle?

King Von’s hairstyle is characterized by a high top fade. The sides and back of the head are buzzed down to a very short length, while the top is left longer. The hair on the top is then styled into a pompadour, with the sides slicked back and the top styled up and away from the face.

Why is King Von’s Hairstyle so Popular?

King Von’s hairstyle is popular for a few reasons. First, it is a classic style that looks great on most people. It is also very versatile, as it can be worn with a variety of outfits and for different occasions. Additionally, it is low-maintenance and easy to style, which makes it a great choice for busy people. Lastly, it is a great way to pay tribute to the late rapper and honor his memory.

How to Get King Von’s Hairstyle

If you are interested in getting the King Von look, the first step is to visit a barber or stylist who is experienced in cutting high top fades. Make sure to communicate exactly what you want, as this style requires precision and careful attention to detail. Additionally, you will need to purchase some styling products, such as pomade or gel, to help you achieve the desired look. With some practice and patience, you will be able to master the King Von style easily.

What to Wear With King Von’s Hairstyle?

The great thing about the King Von style is that it can be worn with almost any outfit. To really make the look stand out, opt for a streetwear aesthetic. For example, pair the style with a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers for a cool, casual look. Alternatively, you can dress it up by pairing it with a blazer and dress shoes for a more formal look.

Tips for Maintaining King Von’s Hairstyle

To keep your King Von style looking its best, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure to keep your hair moisturized by using a good quality conditioner. Additionally, make sure to trim your hair regularly to keep the fade looking sharp. Lastly, be sure to use the right styling products, as the wrong ones can cause the style to look greasy or messy.


King Von’s hairstyle is a classic look that has become increasingly popular in 2023. It is easy to style and versatile, making it a great choice for anyone who is looking to switch up their look. With some practice and patience, you can easily master the style and start rocking it like the late rapper himself.