Thorogood & The Destroyers Get A Haircut (Cassette, Single
Thorogood & The Destroyers Get A Haircut (Cassette, Single from

Legendary blues rocker George Thorogood has been making headlines lately, and this time it’s not for his music. The singer-songwriter has recently been spotted out and about sporting a dramatically different look, one that has fans wondering whether he has decided to switch up his style or if he has gotten a new haircut.

The answer? He has indeed gotten a haircut! On a recent trip to the salon, Thorogood decided to switch up his signature long, wavy locks for something a little bit shorter and sleeker. His new cut includes long layers and subtle highlights, giving him a more polished, sophisticated look.

The change was first noticed by fans who spotted Thorogood in the streets of his hometown of Philadelphia. They quickly began to speculate about what his new look could mean. Some thought it might be a sign that he was ready to break out of his comfort zone and try something new, while others thought it might be a sign of his growing maturity. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Thorogood is more confident and comfortable with his new look.

Since the haircut, Thorogood has been seen at several music events, looking more relaxed and confident than ever. He has been performing with a renewed energy, and seems to be enjoying the change in style. Fans have been raving about the new look, noting how much more stylish and put together he looks.

Although Thorogood’s old look was iconic, his new haircut is a refreshing change. It’s nice to see him embracing a new look and feeling more confident in himself. We are excited to see what this new look means for Thorogood’s future!

What the Experts Say

Hair experts have been weighing in on Thorogood’s new haircut and the consensus seems to be that it was a great choice. The cut is modern, but still retains some of Thorogood’s classic style. The long layers and highlights give him a more mature and sophisticated look, while still allowing him to express his individuality.

Hair stylists have also noted that the cut is perfect for Thorogood’s hair type. His thick, wavy hair can be difficult to style, but the new cut allows him to easily maintain his look with minimal effort. It’s the perfect style for someone who wants to look polished but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair.

Thorogood’s Take

Thorogood himself has been tight-lipped about the new look, but it’s clear that he is happy with the change. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he said “I wanted to try something new and I think I found the perfect look for me. I feel much more confident and I’m really excited about my new style.”

It’s clear that Thorogood is happy with his new look, and so are his fans. The singer-songwriter’s new haircut has been well received, and it seems like he is embracing the change with enthusiasm. We can’t wait to see what he does next!