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Season 4 of the popular anime show Attack on Titan is set to be released in 2023 and fans are eagerly awaiting to see what Eren Yeager’s new hairstyle will be. As one of the most iconic characters in the series, it’s no surprise that viewers are so excited to see what kind of look the protagonist will sport in the upcoming season and how it will affect his character. While the show’s creators haven’t revealed anything yet, we can still speculate on what Eren’s new hairstyle might be. Here are some of our predictions.

Short and Sleek

One of the most popular predictions for Eren’s new look is a short and sleek style. This would be in keeping with his classic look, but with a modern twist. It would feature short, neatly trimmed hair that’s been styled to look sharp and neat. The style would emphasize Eren’s strong jawline and add a touch of sophistication to his look. This hairstyle would also be practical for the character, allowing him to move freely and fight more effectively in battle scenes.

Long and Wavy

Another popular prediction is that Eren could sport a longer, wavier hairstyle in season 4. This look would be a dramatic departure from his classic look, but it could still fit his character. It would feature long, wavy locks that are slightly tousled and full of volume. This style would be perfect for a more mature and introspective Eren, as it would convey the weight of his experiences and reflect the changes he’s gone through since the first season.

Messy and Disheveled

Another possible hairstyle for Eren could be a more disheveled and wild look. This style would feature shaggy hair that’s been cut at varying lengths and shaped to look slightly messy. This look would be perfect for a character who’s been through a lot and seen the darker side of the world. It would also be practical for battle scenes, as it would allow Eren to move freely without worrying about his hair getting in the way.

Classic and Clean

Finally, there’s always the possibility that Eren could stick to his classic look in season 4. This style would feature short, neat hair that’s been styled to look clean and tidy. This would be a safe choice for the character, as it’s the look that viewers are used to and it would allow him to fit in with the other characters. It would also be practical for battle scenes, as it would keep Eren’s hair out of his face and allow him to move freely.


At this point, it’s impossible to know what Eren Yeager’s new hairstyle in season 4 will be. However, there are some popular predictions and it will be interesting to see which one the show’s creators ultimately choose. Whatever it is, it’s sure to be a defining look for the character and will reflect the journey he’s been on since the first season. Fans of the show are sure to be excited to see what Eren’s new hairstyle will be when the show returns in 2023.