Dreadlocks hairstyles for women best dreadlock styles to rock in 2018
Dreadlocks hairstyles for women best dreadlock styles to rock in 2018 from www.tuko.co.ke

What are Dreads?

Dreads, also known as dreadlocks, are a type of hairstyle where the hair is matted together to form thick ropes of hair. The hairstyle is popular among African Americans, Rastafarians, and other cultures. It is believed to have originated in East Africa, where it was used to indicate rank and status. This hairstyle has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many celebrities and trendsetters sporting the look.

How to Create Dreads?

Creating dreadlocks is fairly simple, but it does require some time and patience. The most popular method is to section off the hair into small sections and twist each section until it forms a rope. The ropes are then held together with rubber bands or cornrows. Another method is to use a crochet hook to loop the hair together in a roping motion. This method is quicker but can also be more damaging to the hair.

How to Care for Dreads?

Caring for dreadlocks is important to keep them looking neat and healthy. It is important to shampoo your dreadlocks regularly to keep them clean. Specialized shampoos are available to help keep your dreads looking clean and healthy. It is also important to use a moisturizing conditioner to help keep the dreads from becoming dry and brittle. It is also important to brush your dreadlocks regularly with a special brush designed for dreadlocks.

Styling Your Dreads

Once you have created your dreadlocks, you can style them in a variety of ways. You can use beads, clips, or other accessories to give your dreads a unique look. You can also use styling products such as wax or gel to give your dreads a more polished look. You can also use hair color to add a hint of color to your dreads.

Dreads Maintenance

Maintaining your dreadlocks is important to keep them looking neat and healthy. It is important to re-twist your dreadlocks every few weeks to keep them neat and tidy. If your dreads become too loose, you can use a needle and thread to re-tighten them. You can also use a special dreadlock comb to help keep your dreads neat and tidy.

Tips for Choosing a Dreadlocks Salon

When choosing a salon to get your dreadlocks done, it is important to research the salon and the stylist. Make sure that the salon has experience in styling dreadlocks and that the stylist is experienced and knowledgeable. Ask for photos of the stylist’s work to ensure that you are getting the look you want. Make sure to ask about the cost and the aftercare instructions.

Tips for Maintaining Your Dreadlocks

Once you have your dreadlocks, it is important to take care of them properly. Wash your dreadlocks regularly using a specialized shampoo. Avoid using heavy conditioners or styling products as these can weigh down the dreadlocks and make them look greasy. Make sure to brush and re-twist your dreadlocks regularly to maintain their shape and avoid them becoming too loose.


Dreads are a beautiful and unique hairstyle that can be a great way to express your individuality. While creating and maintaining dreadlocks can be a time-consuming process, the results can be well worth it. If you’re looking to try a different hairstyle in 2023, dreads could be the perfect option for you.